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[ Welcome to a whole new experience of shopping good wholesome food!! Questions? Call +6012-6799 406 or email to for more information. ]
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Our company's name is Good For You Sdn Bhd (392619-A) but you probably know us by our tagline Good4u Delivery.

Our Vision

Dedicated to be a reliable whole foods source to consumers.

Our Goal

Provide a reliable source of wholesome and clean products direct to homes.

About the organization

Good For You (Good4u) was founded in 2002. We believe, to have quality of life, need not always have to be difficult and costly. In our personal pursuit of improving our quality of living, we have met farmers, importers and wholesalers who are equally passionate about consuming wholesome, fresh and clean food themselves.

Over the years, we have experienced the joys of living drug free, partly by making informed choices to eat healthily and living with abundance in our hearts.

With our vision to share a healthy lifestyle, we ventured into this unique and much welcome service to the communities in Klang Valley.

Our passion is to assist others make their transition to healthier living from our ready source of wholesome products. We eagerly anticipate a very exciting and fulfilling experience sharing with other like-minded families and individuals.


Delivery fee of RM 3.00 per address. No monthly fees. Minimum order RM50-00.
Delivery hours are Tuesdays-Saturdays 11 AM - 7 PM
How to shop ?
We offer a variety of channels for you to shop . All orders for next day's delivery must reach us not later than 12pm the day before delivery.
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