• Fish Bones (imported fish)

Fish bones & trimmings from Salmon Trout.

The bones has lots of fish meat on it.  They are the remnant trimmings after the butcher has fillet the meat.

Here are some ideas on how to prepare.

1. Deep fry to crispy crunchy texture. Lovely as snack

2. Seasoned and grill to crispy crunchy (salt & pepper or teriyaki sauce)

3. Steam till cooked, Flake meat off bones (careful the small soft bones). 

4. Flaked cooked meat can be used to make fish patties

5. Flaked cooked meat can be dry pan fry with seasoning/curry powder. Serve as sandwich filling

6. Flaked cooked meat can be made into a salmon dip (add mayo, cream cheese and cumin)

7. Flaked cooked meat can be used to make fried rice too.


Packed into various weights ranging from 800g to 1kg.

Please note price is based on estimate for the purpose of completing order value. Kindly allow for some variance (+/- 50g) on listed weight/price.


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Fish Bones (imported fish)


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