The Chicken Farm

The Chicken Farm

The farm is situated in the outskirts of Raub, Pahang. This farm has been in operation for over 13 years. It is situated at the fringes of secondary jungle. The environment is pristine.

Etori ayam kampong are free ranging chickens. They are free to pasture in the fields. The open fields are grown with a variety of grasses, vegetables and fruits that are uniquely loved by the chickens. They are also further supplemented with natural grains that are specially fermented in the farm. Enzymes are used to maintain a healthy gut for the chickens and its living environment. For added nutrition, specially formulated probiotics are added to the daily diet to enhance the nutrition. No antibiotics and growth enhancers are used to speed up the growth of the chickens. The chickens are robust and able to withstand the tropical weather and are actively foraging most of the time in the open fields.

Chickens are harvested from 80 days onwards. The larger sizes are in the range of 100 to 120 days. Etori ayam kampong are tender in texture and are firmer for the larger sizes but not tough. The chickens are slaughtered halal by a Muslim (certified by Jabatan Agama Islam, Pahang) and are processed in the farm.

After processing, chickens are freshly frozen at source for distribution. Etori ayam kampong is made available by Good4u Delivery directly to homes and retail shops/outlets.

Gallery of pictures from the farm

Chickens free to forage

Foraging closeup

Duckweed grass that the chickens love to eat.

Open housing for shelter in the day from heat and night from cold.

They are out foraging in the morning.

In the afternoon, they will find shelter under trees.

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