Terms of Service

What we offer...

1. Products are scrutinized to ensure they adhere to the Good4u Seal of Quality.

2. When we shop on your behalf we pick the freshest or not at all, we look into your money's worth.

3. We endeavour to keep all products in its original state of freshness on their way to you.

4. We personalized your preference; for example, tell us how you like the size of fish for your family.

5. We offer Standing Order. It is a repeat order of a list of items in a specific recurring period, for example, once a week, fortnightly or monthly.

How does Standing Order works

We automatically process your order without any need for you to call us. For example, every Wed your order of 3 chickens and 10 eggs will reach you.

If you are going away or wish to hold this instruction, just send us message or call to interrupt Standing Order. You may cancel a Standing Order within 24 hours notice. All standard fees apply.


What we cannot offer...

1.    If you change your mind after placing an order, inform us earliest possible to change or cancel. We do not accept cancellation at point of delivery. Cancellation should be done by phone or phone message for immediate confirmation (most convenient for both parties). 

2.    We cannot meet delivery appointment with less than 2 hours window  eg, we cannot reach your house exactly 3pm, our confirmed window will probably be 2.30 to 4.30pm.

3.  If you are unavailable during our first call, whenever possible, our deliveryman will make a second visit. If we fail to deliver your order, it will be cancelled. We will charge a cancellation fee of RM10.00.

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