About Us

Good For You Sdn Bhd (also known as Good4u Delivery) was founded in 2002 with the sole objective of providing reliable delivery of clean and nutritious wholesome foods. Back then, grocery shopping is not complete till a few stops are made at one or two wet markets and a few more supermarkets all over town.

Fast forward to current times, we remain very much relevant on our objective. In fact, even more in need because savvy marketing and over information has inundated many young adults on what is really clean and wholesome foods. We hope to offer the uninitiated a reliable source to eating right for better health.

Our gratitude to all our loyal customers (and now friends) who supported us from day one. We continue to share with all seeking for clean, nutritious and wholesome foods.

We believe eating right need not be difficult and costly. Let food be our medicine, living drug free is possible.